Kids' Village

A recent study from Scholastic Media and the Hands On Network has "found that kids and teens who have more exposure to character-building skills, such as sharing, being kind and helping others, are more likely to volunteer in their communities, and with greater frequency. " (See Report Here) From Our Village supports the ideas of kids & offers support to our youngest village members in the way of advice & encouragement.  Share your successful project with us & we will share it with the world.  
Want to help, but don't know where to start?  The Can Do Newsletter gives advice on everything you need to get involved:  step by step project advice, areas you can get involved in, & how to start a club.  Click here to download your copy.  
Village Gatherings
Have a passion for a cause or just want a chance to give back financially?  Host a village gathering.  It's simple. You gather several of your friends or people that you know who have a heart for service.  Explain that you are hosting a coffee, evening, etc., where those that are invited will have a chance to discuss & choose a single cause, event, or charity to contribute to.  A dollar amount can be decided on before hand, at the gathering, or you can indicate that it is a 'give as you are able' gathering.  This is a chance to identify needs in the community or the world and to pool the contributions to give one larger, meaningful donation to the organization or charity of the group's choosing.  You can do this quarterly, monthly, or as a single one time event.  Need help getting started?
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