From Our Village Partners

From Our Village works to provide links between people looking to help & agencies or organizations already established within communities.

Here are resources to consider when looking for an opportunity to help.
KIVA MicroFunds
875 Howard Street #340
San Fransciso, CA 94103  USA
World Vision Microloans
P.O. Box 9716
 Federal Way, WA, 98063-9716
SERRV-fair trade/non profit
Administrative Office
122 State Street, Suite 600
Madison, WI 53703
Tel: 888-243-4423
1 World Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72202
855.9HUNGER   or

OR check your phone book for volunteer agencies or go to your search engine & type in "volunteer agencies-your state, town, &/or interest" and a list will come up.  Here are some examples:
International Princess Project
PO Box 12154
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Micro Loans
Socially Responsible Giving
How to Find a Local Volunteer Group